Resources for CIO and COO professionals

Resources for CIO and COO professionals


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Hand-crafted in the beautiful harbour village of St Aubin in the island of Jersey.

“What is this feeling, can't eat a bite,
Work till I'm tired can't sleep at night.
Since I have met you, I can't do without your touch,
I just love you much too much” [Frankie Beverly]

This piece is from the DeepLove collection.  Hand crafted with wax and acrylic, mounted in a card frame.



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Thank you for viewing my work.  Please note that this website is currently set-up as a gallery to view items only.

Selected pieces are available to view and purchase from the Harbour Gallery, St Aubin, Jersey.  If you would like to order items, please contact me at

All pieces are signed and have a unique personal number.

Please note that this is a natural non-enhanced photograph and because of the materials used, light patterns may show in the photograph that are not on the item.  In addition, due to the different colour characteristics of the equipment that this image(s) is viewed with, the colours may not appear exactly the same.  Items shown in pictures other than the piece of art are for display purposes only.  Frames are supplied with a wall hanger point on the back.  The stands are not included but can be purchased separately.