Resources for CIO and COO professionals

Resources for CIO and COO professionals


Speaker and Event Chair

Successful organisations embrace digital and innovation from the very top

  • Does your Board "get" digital?
  • How do you drive positive change through your organisation?
  • How do you improve the effectiveness of your organisation's technology team?

Tim shares his real-life experience of technology, digital, innovation and transformation challenges, with CEOs and Boards, helping their organisations succeed in an ever-competitive world.

Here is a selection of Tim's recent engagements ...


Your Board needs to get digital!

Your organisation cannot just ignore digital and hope it goes away.  They must understand it's not only an enabler, but a differentiator from your competition

  • Why your whole Board needs to "get" digital
  • Why digital must have representation on your Board
  • What does digital really mean?
  • What are the consequences of your Board not embracing digital?


Where is my data?

The explosion in use of cloud-based services means that our data and company data could be stored anywhere. Find out why you need to understand where your data is.

  • Why do I care where my data is, as long as I can access it?
  • Who has access to your data?
  • What are your legal responsibilities?
  • What's the impact to your client?


Innovating in a corporate environment

Innovation programmes are seen by many corporates as the way to engage staff to think-up the next winning app.  In reality, many programmes are a "tick in the box" and don't result in great ideas.

  • What innovation should mean in the corporate world
  • How to encourage your staff to be great and inspire great ideas


Business focused agility - your IT needs it

Your organisation's success and survival is dependent on the speed that your technology capability can adapt and deliver solutions for your clients and your operations.

How do you become agile to deliver quickly, whilst maintaining essential business-as-usual services?


Changing the focus of IT from technology to business

Your organisation's competitive edge will come from your digital presence and the functionality and effectiveness of operational systems.

To get the edge, it is essential that your technology team is business-focused, but how do you achieve it?

The days of measuring the effectiveness of an IT team by counting the racks of equipment are long gone.  Learn how to change the focus from pure technology to one of business enablement.

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